Our Story

Our Story

Mellow Yellow Cakes

D’Litas, formerly known as Mellow Yellow Cakes, started out in June 2006, making fresh cakes for friends and relatives, mainly in the local area. Producing home made, wonderful cakes in the traditional way, by hand.
From this early stage, we started making and delivering cakes, namely Choco-mocha and Vanilla Rolls, adding and innovating one flavour at a time, including Ube-macapuno Roll which has now
become the best seller.
So we started branching out into other areas such as London, travelling 3-4 hours each way, supplying to a few shops and households. On a week-to-week basis, we distributed fresh cake rolls, gateaux and individual slices. We were calling ourselves Mellow Yellow Cakes at the time. The name came from the colour and taste of Brazo de Mercedes, a soft, meringue type cake, rolled into a log with yellow, rich custard filling, in which, friends and new found customers branded my trade name as the “Brazo Woman”.


I, Estelita G. Lorenzo, a Philippine citizen, born in Siocon Zamboanga del Norte, grew up and lived in Zamboanga City, and went on to study commerce, majoring in Business Management at the Ateneo de Zamboanga, where I successfully earned my degree. This I owe to my wonderful, ever-supporting parents, Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo Lorenzo.
Me and David met in 1987 when I came to the U.K, got married the year after, and then I moved here to live with him. Thirty years on, while our 3 boys, Shaun, Liam and Daniel are growing up, responsibly, with intellectual aspirations, and with great independence in their university lives and careers. Needless to say that even our eldest son, a special needs child, in whom it prompted me to engage a little home-based business in the first place, is now living away with carers assistance. And yet,our boys are continuously giving us their tremendous support.

D’Litas Cakes

With my background and with a love for cooking and baking, I now create delicious, authentic Filipino/Oriental cakes in which D’Litas is renowned for. And while I continue my effort and devotion to the research and development of our new products, with David, who continuously provides encouragement and is supportive in every way, we were determined to bring our cakes to a higher level, “Frozen Cakes”.
At this moment in time, we produce cakes and freeze them. With the ultimate aim to serve Filipinos, orientals, and all walks of life around U.K. thanks to the modern and advance technology that enable us to do online selling or mail order cakes. Thus, we also intend to find agents around the country and distribute in shops. We feel proud of the fact that we have come this far, and continue to create fine quality, homemade cakes, with unique tastes, only found at D’Litas and still produced by hand.