Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Choco Mocha Cake

A chocolate sponge sheet cake filled and iced with creamy mocha flavoured icing, decorated and topped with chocolate shavings.

Ube Cake

Also known as Purple Yam. A soft ube flavoured sheet cake, filled and covered with ube flavoured creamy icing. Topped with sweetened purple yam (ube halaya), and white cream icing rosettes.

Mango Cake

Deliciously moist mango flavoured sheet cake, filled and covered with mango creamy icing. Topped with pureed fresh and sweetened mango, and decorated with creamy icing.

Dulce de Leche

A white, vanilla flavoured sponge sheet cake, filled with a combination of delightful caramel and whipped cream substitute. Finished and delicately designed caramel topping.


Literally meaning “steamed bun”, it is the Philippine version of the Cantonese steamed bun called cha siu bao. It is a type of dumpling with sweet pork filling.